Nōwn POS Delivers What Customers Want Most: Loyalty

We are so fortunate to have crossed paths with Kristin Dorsey, the Director of Marketing and Communications at Nōwn POS, at the recent FashionTech TO event. 

Nōwn POS has developed a technology that has the potential to revolutionize retail through customer loyalty. By enabling its system to recognize all Nown customers and display their name, picture, and purchase history, customers can feel valued, which will in turn enrich their shopping experience. At a time in which everything is fast-paced and efficiency is the ultimate goal, Nōwn POS has found a way to capture a single moment and allow a customer to feel appreciated, while balancing that with efficiency. Indeed, the technology is the result of conversations between Kristin and Nōwn POS’s in-house designer about what merchants and consumers would want from this solution.  They discussed the consumer experience — being able to walk into your favourite coffee shop or retail store and be known, hence the name of the business. In February of 2017, Kristin sat down with the CEO of Nōwn POS to talk about how there should be a focus on personalized customer experience and advocated for a change in the direction and the goal of the company. This narrowed focus has certainly resulted in a notable benefit for consumers. 

 Furthermore, retailers can also benefit from this technology because they can truly know their customers. This can inevitably streamline sales and avoid a one-size-fits-all selling approach. Their technology is a win-win. 

 Of course, all of this came after significant demographic and societal research into how the market operates. While “loyalty programs” have become a common marketing strategy, it is not in the best interest of a business to encourage a customer base that simply wants free rewards. Rather, businesses need to change the behaviour and emotion of their customers, which can be effectively done by remembering a customer’s favourite items and additional details of her profile. Indeed, the majority of the population almost expects this to a certain degree because of innovations like Amazon, which have incorporated this element of personalization into their operations.  

 From a legal perspective, it is important to note that Nōwn POS doesn’t collect invasive personal data (such as a shopper’s home address) but rather collects shopping patterns for the sake of a consumer profile, not a personal one. 

In the same way that Nōwn POS is bridging a gap between an in-person shopping experience with the more personalized online experience, it is important for legal professionals to also bridge a gap between the law and engineering, tech, and fashion, in order to protect helpful technologies like this, especially from the directly applicable privacy regulations.