Very Pleased to Announce Summer Lewis as Chief Communications Director

We are growing, and growing well.

Summer is an immensely talented, hard working, passionate law student and I am so pleased to have her onboard.

Summer is a first year student at Osgoode Hall Law School. She has spent over a year writing about the pressing legal issues that arise in the fashion industry. She continues to explore her interest in intellectual property across a variety of digital platforms, including Unprecedentedly Chic and IP Osgoode's IPilogue. Through these platforms, Summer has advocated for sustainability in the fashion industry, an increased representation of women and minority groups in STEM industries, and the protection of creative ideas. 

Summer's experience in fellowship and leadership programs, such as with Mindtrust and Osgoode’s Innovation Clinic, has led her to explore the entrepreneurial process and appreciate the knowledge gap between creative entrepreneurship and the law. As such, she hopes to use this platform as a way to connect with creatives and start-ups, especially those who work with disruptive technologies, in order to delve into the unexplored legal implications behind their work.

Together, we aim to pioneer new fields and build a bridge where necessary.